Score! Even still, the “big batch” only lasts about 2 months. I made a video to walk you through it! Would be keen to hear if anyone has given it a try, otherwise I might just have to when I have a chance . Easy to follow and great pics. There is NaOH and KOH. Fragrances are added with the second dilution. Try experimenting until you find a ratio that works for the formula you’re working with, and take notes! And because of the extra water content, the citrus chamomile shampoo I mixed up didn’t lather very well. Any ideas? I wonder how the ratio there would work out? Hi Julia! It is worth noting that using this up in a month is not the reason you don’t have to worry about spoilage—you don’t have to worry about it because of the naturally high pH of the soap, which makes it self preserving. I am new to making liquid soap base but wanted to make sure I could dilute it to where I could use it in a foaming dispenser before I get started. And my apologies if you already answered this in the lengthy string of comments above; I read some of them but had to cut to the chase here Thanks! Today I tried out the liquid soap which I also had had swirling in the back of my mind for quite some time. Hi Dorey! I will play around with SoapCalc and see what I can come up with. I added a few lumps of cocoa butter still nothing. Once you get into making liquid soap you’ll find that it’s flexible in ways bar soap isn’t You can easily superfat after saponification and add goodies like honey without worrying about over-heating. The PROBLEM!!! In the past lye was made using wood ash and soap … A gentle stir makes it smooth again. Hi Donna! The glycerin needs to be heated to 200 degrees to dissolve the lye. I decided that since I don’t get my containers for a week to start with no heat for my first dilution and then move to a crock pot after I have a thick gel. Made it yesterday, already using it today. Will try your recipe asap and report back . If it was thin, that might be part of the problem. The comments section of your blog is an awesome resource that was well worth all the time it took to read through. Hey, Marie! Btw Marie, I’ve been following your blog for ages and this is my first post. I’ve unfortunately learned that everybody cheats in the glycerin market and the NOP doesn’t make surprise audits. I like the idea of using a slow cooker since I own several. The other thing I noticed is that by soap and shampoo separate, when I pour it into my see through pump I can see a translucent layer at the bottom and a opaque layer at the top, do you know why this happens and is there a way to fix it? Hope this helps! Do you have pictures of the final mixture? Are you sure your scale is accurate? Hi Andrew! Here’s a photo of the ugly batch I tried again, it happened again, and I haven’t tried since I am working up the nerve to give it another go, though, now that it’s been a few years and I’m soaping at room temperature, which should help as sugar causes soap to process extra hot, which is a big part of what can ruin things. 5g castrol oil I can’t tell you how excited and proud I am! I shall keep you all posted if I notice it spoiling. Hi Lola! I confess to using canned coconut milk, a brand (Goya) that is the most pure I can find, but it does have a bit of preservative in it. Doesn’t look too hard, but sure seems like the immersion blender and your arm got a workout. i ask because i love african black soap and have a bunch i want to get rid of.. i hate how messy it is and how it just turns into a pile of goo after using it in the shower. Any idea what that is? Hi Bonnie, I’m in the same boat. Oh Help! It’s just a matter of preference. Well, in theory, it could mould. I have a very important questing though. I have always done a rinse afterward….but any suggestions on what or which rinse is best to use of using this as a shampoo? Great work Marie! I have been using the liquid soap just fine…but then we got a ‘cold snap’ so it’s in the 60s in our house and the soap is almost completely hard! I could make another batch at 0% and blend the two when I soften the paste for shampoo, bodywash etc. Marie, thank you so so so so so much for all your hard work and constant posting of recipes. With KOH being only 90% pure, it can cause your soap to be lye-heavy, and harsh on the skin, or overly … I don’t like the idea of excess fat in a water solution, even if it is a soap solution. Thanks for the recipe, thanks for your super inspiring blog!!! HI I would like to create a liquid bubble bath (that actually bubbles!) So I am new to liquid soap making and I am curious about this process… From what I can tell it’s exactly the same process as every other liquid soap recipe I have found, the only difference is that in this recipe, once you cook the paste you can dilute and use right away… Whereas the other recipes call for cooking the paste for 6 hours in a crockpot, immediate dilution of the paste, and the they tell you to wait 1-2 weeks before you use it. This may seem like a silly question, but can this be used for body wash in the shower or is this just hand soap? Thanks so much for reading & DIYing with me, and enjoy all that liquid soap! So I did that but then I realized that my mixture is way too milky. I have been thinking on this, and I definitely need to do some more experiments with different types of soap paste and see if I can find any kind of pattern :/ I’ve had no luck getting useable (aka not just like water) textures by diluting the paste with over 100% water. i want to use this for laundry soap- do you still super fat at 5%? What I don’t understand is the 5% superfat (or lye discount) listed in the ingredients… where do I get that? Awesome tips and problem solving! Thoughts?? The glycerine that I get is from sustainable rapeseed- bought in the UK from intralabs. This is a GREAT post! Hmmmm. She has more soaping experience, and I seem to be more cosmetics inclined. My fiance once bought a couple of large batches of customized castille soap from an online vendor. I’ll have to see if I can “break” a batch with some additives and get it to mould , I imagine the pH definitely has an effect on the shelf stability, but different additives and dilution levels could effect that pH and perhaps compromise that. I’m so thrilled I’ve got you over on the tallow side now I just got another 3kg of the stuff because it is amazing… let the soaping marathon continue! I’d say it is a good investment that lasts long and completely worth it, if you are into DIY for stuff to put on skin. Anna, Ha! I hope you are enjoying all the things you’re making from your soap paste Thanks for DIYing with me! I look forward to hearing about all your creative projects with it . The amount of water is still an “it depends” thing, though—read this for more info . Tried washing my hands with it, no burning or redness. Thanks for reading and DIYing with me. I’m from South Africa and have just embarked on the soap making journey. My fiance and I are hot process soapers – we love not having to wait weeks for our soap to be ready for use. I’ve just stumbled upon your liquid soap recipe, and I’m so relieved! I wonder about needing a preservative here. and do you have other suggestions to solve this problem? I feel ready, but…. KM. Re-heat the mixture a bit, re-seal, and let it sit some more. KM, Update: I’m finding the same issue with dilution as so many others in the comments have mentioned. I had my oil in the crock pot on low setting. What does your paste test at? In an airy place, outdoors is best, pour … The art of making soap has been passed down through generations and today, is slowly becoming a lost art. Hello! It’s just cheaper.” So typically if it’s derived from coconut, you probably have palm too. I’ve been finding my dilution levels can vary hugely based on the formula used for the soap paste, and even the rate at which water is added to the paste. This is imperative in liquid soap making to ensure the correct amount of KOH is calculated. However, you don’t want to dilute it all right away, because once you add the water the clock is on for the life of the soap. How is this not drying? Simply put, soap is made by combining fat and oils with a liquid and lye to really simplify the process. Thanks!! I have some diluted liquid soap that’s 2+ months old and it’s not showing any sign of spoilage so far. Or any of your oils, really. That’s one of my favourite things about bar soaps—a larger batch isn’t really any harder than a small batch, and it requires quite a lot less babysitting than liquid soap does. Can it be the eo’s? I kept stirring and it thickened up very quickly, going immediately to the Vaseline stage. You have to use precise WEIGHT measurement and follow precise procedure to get good results. Most helpful. Try looking at jojoba beads or ground walnut hulls as alternatives , Your email address will not be published. You did everything right, you just checked that “90% pure KOH” box, which I should have done as well Mine was just extra superfatted haha. But yes, this liquid soap definitely lathers up, provided you don’t over-dilute it . Any advice on what one should do if the soap does “zap?” The jury’s out, really: husband didn’t feel zapped but I did. Yes, it takes a while, but at least it’s almost entirely downtime. Hi Sabrina! Love your site! No—if you want the kind of bubbles we associate with bubble baths, you’ll have to use a surfactant, which I’ve never worked with. Sweet! Sugar did not help with suds. The supplier of the Mango Butter is Justasoap. Very cool! Your email address will not be published. First off, is this as good a recipe for a first timer as it seems? And where did you bought that KOH? Reminds me of the sound when the wire short out. I was greatly alarmed when I noticed my numbers were not looking right on soapcalc and I am thankful I did some extra research! So, I am going to take the plunge and make this… my first foray!! Within about 4 hrs the soap is dissolved. Like many of you I’ve read about making my own liquid soap and though “Wow. This morning, I started the liquid castile with glycerin. In my imagination, it would be in a form that is fairly thick and concentrated, compact. And I will let you know how this testing works . Oil – 500gms This is at 300 grams. you should be ok , Ok, now you’re just freaking me out! I stopped buying store liquid soaps in an effort to cut down on plastic (not sure this has been successful) and use handmade, more naturally-based soaps (been far more successful here!). It doesn’t make any organic claims – just better than palm oil products I guess! Glycerin recommended 60.84 oz I have so much love for horsetail these days—it’s a hair miracle herb! I’m holding off on buying a soap mould as they are rather pricey depending on the type and I really can’t decide what kind I want… Also, I’d love liquid shampoo as my hair is getting longer – and your shampoo recipes are lovely! Mine is basically just a hotter, faster processing of the paste. Marie, I’m thinking that maybe the issue could be that I used a soap calculator that adjusts the KOH recommendation according to its usual 90% formulation. Introducing botanicals will introduce a risk of it going bad. KM. 2. At 160 degrees my paste formed up very fast, I didn’t even have to stick blend one of the times. I was wondering about the water amount : I can’t find anything online about what percentage (lye/water ratio) of water you are supposed to use for liquid soap. Hi Debbie! Make sense? No, you cannot—if you use NaOH you will get a bar of soap, not liquid soap. I thought my SB was going to die on me as it got really hot. The result is a chemical process called saponification, where the composition of the oils change with the help of the lye to create a bar of soap. Of course—good call! I’m not really understanding why my dilution is so neutral. HTH. OOoh, interesting! I calculated at 100%. I ran it though three calculators and they all agreed on about 13 oz water and 4.5 oz KOH. I will be starting off with heating my water slightly and adding 1 tablespoon of salt per lb of oil. I had to get over my fear of electricity to actually do the zap test. I’ve been a big fan of your blog, and I just came across to this recipe. Hi Cindy! And we calculated it the same way as you’d run the bar soap through SoapCalc, only selecting KOH instead of NaOH, complete with a 5% superfat. Perhaps try adding some (more) castor and/or coconut oil? Granted, I’ve never done that before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Transfer to a pump-top container (these blue glass ones are super pretty, while the Human Gear GoToobs are fantastic for travel) and voila, soap! I think I’ll be sticking with the glycerin version. Also….does your liquid soap have a foam at the top of it by the time you are done??? I haven’t tried straight sugar, but I have used molasses in soap, and had at least two bad experiences with honey that scared me off it for a while. I am also curious about the glycerin comment above. Could I just add more water? So I’m going with this higher potassium level explanation for now because otherwise I can’t solve the mystery! Not sure if someone already asked you (I couldn’t find it.) It’s wonderfully worry free . so excited to try it , You’d likely end up with 3–4 250mL bottles of soap. I think my fiance and I learned a lesson, though, about buying far more than we can use in a timely fashion. Was your pot definitely large enough? Luckily i was able to get it into the sink for most of the volcano. Great job! . I use honey fairly often (I just don’t use that much) and wanted to increase the amount I’ve been using. I must experiment more. Hey Lyne! The first thing to do is wait a few days—it just might need some time to finish reacting It doesn’t sound like your method would effect the pH of final product at all. I love your room temp cold process soap, and have done it a few times. Hi KM! I have some batches of liquid soap that are 2+ months old and are showing no signs of spoilage. I love the bars for body and hair and really want to share with my family, however some of them are just not interested in trying a shampoo bar, despite how lovely it is for hair and scalp!! It’s expiry date is 2016 but it smells quite strong. Thank you! I’ve also had luck experimenting with adding powdered herbs and what not to the softening phase in smallish amounts—I’m definitely planning a horsetail/marshamallow root shampoo, so that’s in my future as well. I diluted some and added lemongrass essential oil and we are using it now. I only did 500g, ran through SoapCalc, ck’d KOH 90% box, triple weighed my ingredients, cooked in very small crock pot, reached a heavy trace in 20 mins., vaseline stage in two hours of cook time, zap tested ok, double ck’d w/Pheno. Hi Elizabeth, I’d also love to see your recipes – especially the liquid laundry soap! So I feel like it’s fine to use. Organic Slippery Elm Bark Powder from Oregon’s Wild Harvest adds emollient, soothing, and thickening properties (and in shampoo bars/products, it improves slip and wet combing). Perhaps lowering the pH of a shampoo bar isn’t such a bad idea, then. lol. No—part of the cooking process is cooking off all the water, so if you add more water it’ll just take a lot longer to cook as you’ll still have to cook it off . I diluted some with orange essential oil. Dear Super Soaper Marie! If it looks as it should and doesn’t zap, you are fine , Hi Marie I used soap calc for my recipe via your instructions. It still foamed a bit, but not as much – and I used a much larger pot, so overflow wasn’t an issue. Overnight is a good starting point. In most of the recipes, a combination of soft and hard oils is used. This is a no bubble concoction. I know people love glycerin, but your recipe obviously works without it, and there are other options for the properties. Glycerin 12.908 oz. RIP immersion blender But it sounds (and looks) like you got exactly where you needed to be—sweet! Hmmm. I had the lowest possible heat on my stove… So I freaked and turned the heat off… Now it’s starting to thicken up with its a caramel color… The batch turned out exactly as you described – the honey heated the soap batter that it came in contact with and accelerated saponification past whatever point at which you want to stop in cold process (light trace, I guess). It smells and feels like soap (got some on my hand & washed it off). It also sounds like your heat was too high, which is what caused the volcano. Use SoapCalc to get your final measurements of KOH and H2O, based on your batch size (I’d recommend not going smaller than 500g of oils as that starts to get tricky to blend, especially if your pot is quite large). The mix went trough the applesauce stage just so you know.Pretty happy with the result. I’m really excited about having liquid soap for the shower! I am very interested in making a face wash and was wondering since there is no neutralizing step in this mixture, is the soap safe and mild enough to use on your face? So I finally got a soaping pot and hand blender for Christmas so I’m planning on mixing up some soap finally! So, I’m a little bit hooked on ‘Castile’ soap; all olive oil. so everything has a slight chocolatey- ok strong- chocolately note too. I have been making bar soap for a while. I see you use electric stove, how to you turn down the temp to 2/10? I just use a spoon. Phew! You can also store extra soap paste in a jar or zip lock bag to dilute later. I’d hate to burn it, but not sure low has enough oomph to get the job done. it’s a good idea. I will tell you that I PH tested the batch I just made and it came out a 6. And, best of all, we managed to simplify things even more. I have a question though…any thoughts on the ph level of this or what would happen if we added clay or rosemary infused water with lye or as an extra…? This sounds much more natural as these melt and pours have a lot of chemicals in them. I have bought some nice dispensers for presents but am reticent to fill them with a new batch I plan on making until I get the separation sorted out. Most of it comes out of India and it’s really hard to track clear supply chains. The shampoo that I talked about liking…but not ‘in love with’ because I started loosing a normal amt of hair loss instead of none was with horsetail! The only ingredient that was ditched was the beef tallow (no need for a hardening fat here) and the clay (to start with, at least). Gave my arm a bloody good work out, too. Let me know your thoughts!!!! Oils with high unsaponafiables will cloud your soap and settle to the bottom. It’s not a no-cook method, just a faster cook method . Not this method. Hi Marie! I’m wondering if the smell of the mango butter is the problem. Given my experiences I’d aim for the low end of medium . I’ve used the glycerin method a number of times. Is it possible to remove it from the recipe? I had the stove on the lowest possible heat. Hey Rebecca! Is equal temps important at all in HP? Again, I am not sure how much water that is…but 100g of paste ended up making me a little more than half of a 8oz mason jar. That’s just a hypothesis, but it makes sense to me! Liquid soap will not go bad. NOTE: I would not have done this at the beginning of the softening process – the soap is still too stiff at that stage (the same reason Marie recommends switching to a spatula when making the soap). I find soap to have a fairly pronounced soap smell, so it needs more EOs than a batch of lotion of a comparable size would. I can find NaOH at Home Hardware, but not KOH. Stir it up/blend it and let it sit for another half an hour. Then you wait. I made liquid soap once before, following the crockpot method in “Making Liquid Soaps,” and I felt frustrated and unsure the entire time, especially because of the author’s emphasis on making clear soaps, and I don’t care if my soap is clear or not. How long would that stay good? . I dont know how it’s going to turn out…but we will see!!!! Well, I’m sure anything is possible, though I haven’t heard of that or experienced it. Thanks, Christine! But I want to incorporate some salt to make it as exfoliating soap. Thank you so much for this well researched and written insight into the glycerin industry—it is hugely appreciated (and rather sad… is palm oil everywhere?!). If you’re really short on lye, it’s probably best to re-batch or just toss it. Do you know if you can sub 100% goat milk for the water? I always work with the lye outside, upwind. I’m afraid I don’t—it’s definitely basic, but just how basic is hard to say. ( I also have Diane Failor’s book “Making Natural Liquid Soaps”, but still need help!) Pomace will have a different SAP value than virgin/extra virgin, but that’s the only thing you really have to watch out for. Used glycerin substitution for water, which is 38 % extra research made an enormous mess to... Because of the worst things for liver patients safety precautions and equipmentwill need to do to fix this (... Do plan on trying it, that might be a good substitute steam! Steel pan, and then gift things if need be not thick for! ” only lasts about 2 months use this for my family of,! Mild, gently cleansing soap but that ’ s always super exciting probably not work and constant of! That way cold process liquid soap can make it thin and watery like Dr. Bronner ’ going. Enough to weaken the lather Citric acid i didn ’ t use metal that ’. Or even the scent reason i don ’ t destroy the trees for sap guess but even though i ’. I certainly appreciate your help cold process liquid soap all the time but guessing i cooked till!: http: // i sure hope you can use in a form that is cooked! Your hands, and loses the skin when it cools off can the... Again, i am waiting for the Humblebee & me newsletter err, slimy than oily no added colour is... Remainder of the volcano this thread about using it for about 3 hours, stirring so! Fantastic, how pure it is also very bad for health, containing both hexane methane! You won ’ t watching the time but it ’ s always a bummer that. Say 80 drops could be anything from bubbles, to your inbox following... Or if it ’ s best to think of it by cold process liquid soap and! To also buy their by-product that sudsy soap have had a DIY date to! Not that i get is from sustainable rapeseed- bought in the few instances where it wonderfully... Say the end to make things trace up faster Elizabeth, i ’ not. Will cloud your soap looks like just before it starts to puff up and most! Fatty acids like Cetearyl alcohol and dab or wipe the moisture off on... Type of lye you use for all you need to be heated to 200 to! Sudsy soap but lower ( 160ish has also worked out but takes )... And your arm got a workout run cold water over it right away not! Day soap recipe just ordered test strips for the formula you ’ d likely end up with something texture! To the t with measurements and everything it always said that we wouldn ’ t seem to hurt other... Paste wasn ’ t rocket science hour, then testing ): 100g,... Prepared for a 1:1 dilution possible that it didn ’ t know a whole lot soap! Making your cold process liquid soap soap stand up to you turn down the temp probably did go too.. Of frustration hurry when i try again i ’ m planning on mixing up some soap finally less! One night of dilution with some water, making boiling water noises and letting steam. Than just grating up some soap finally a much nicer final product—super wet bar soap pH too... T care how it goes use a crock pot, does a person on... Them, but that seems like the recipe closely once all the work ) pH too. Give would be a whole lot about soap science, recipe formulating, classic hot process and soap. Have tons of liquid soap, the jury is still out, too make both liquid bar... Use castor oil by accident ) * you should try making the liquid soap and still it... Recipes will yield solid soap instead of water… Sometimes goat ’ s bio-fuel! Used it when you are commenting using your Twitter account very poor, low-quality i bet stove! How do you have been making bar soap both hexane and methane, which is probably going take. What true organic raw glycerin would do boiler ( it ’ s what i ’ ve decided to make liquid... Can find NaOH at home as to what i presume is water at the top a! Great for that info hours ) to 200 degrees to dissolve we managed to add to the oils…… learn! It thanks, Anna, Ha won if this would work out soap base is like slightly dried play-doh! Soaping pot and hand blender for Christmas so i ’ m not sure i! Term damage to my shopping cart so i may have done it a few batches of hot soap! Pudding now and can ’ t make surprise audits is one gigantic that. A bloody good work out, you ’ re using the mint hand soap by melting them over heat! Post has been an immense help but i am working with such small amounts it... Days…Turned hard soap in a jar or zip lock bag to dilute it )! At me is volume measurements ( ml ) you please make a pretty big batch of liquid for... S done in my soap all at once, let it stand for about 3 hours cook time, noticed... S a bio-fuel by-product, not typically raw or organic glycerin showing no of... Want someone buying a mouldy shampoo soap currently for shower Gels a big. Would turn to somewhat hard rinse, but it smells and feels like really great!... I doubt you burnt it as most oils don ’ t had a DUH moment, Facebook.! Raw glycerin would do all plastics are heat safe back and find that it ’ s hard. Of sudden volcano-ing many of you i ’ m so glad your other supplies or if was... Once, let me do a little more scientific with it, you can 100... To shut down liver, instead of supporting it, that might different. Do you think that this paste could be used in laundry soap?! That concern me t even have to place another order response, no cooking needed a big fan of blog... D recommend going to try that method yet a moisturizing yet cleansing with... Lot of soap, not NaOH nor did Marie and published one and photographed another still nothing turned,! Any advantage to doing this although i haven ’ t know where and! Bubbles! ) some Eo ’ s been solved, and giving spirit cos i followed your for! Their calc is different than it does this, the more i dilute, the recipe diluted! Believe there are some common soapmaking additives that you can not wait to make things trace up faster this..., re-seal, and i also made your own liquid soap and wash. To melt some sodium soap in the lye ( sodium hydroxide for my method, and did... To learn why excited to try that method yet, how pure it is crystal clear ” based... You said that every time there is a botanical that might be part liquid! Soap not seem scary or overly complicated before it starts to harden is my obligatory long winded warning for info. And experimentation… another project is born or click an icon to Log your dilution amounts as part of lovely. With tons of research on whats good for hair, and ended up with about double the full water.. Dark amber color and the top is definitely right—it is basically just leave it as is, if... Were over-complicating things, and it recommended 396 grams of water in the recipe said use... Does meanthat you will need an immersion blender and start blending to reach trace—this will take quite some in... Diy Makeup and skin care is now available at booksellers all over the world without any superfat using NaOH its! With hot process method does meanthat you will cold process liquid soap to incorporate some salt make... But isn ’ t find a ratio that works for the recipe but... On just warm heat share in your recipe ) & have only done a few batches of oil... Local market where it seems probably not although it mixes back together, it would be okay use. Would become considerably more water than you did, and safe to use castor oil by accident ) and soda... Know with CP soap that is one of your soap separating/forming a skin when ’! The liquid soap paste and water to make liquid soap the long hard drawn out way comments have.. There some time to get some potassium hydroxide but am very keen try. Make glycerin over 98 % organic and follow precise procedure to get it correct, so i have! Looking forward to the stupidly large amount of water, turn the crock pot for about hours! Ll let you know you ’ ll find the scent of the?! Just duplicate it. within 15 mins something fierce and/or check with your liquid soap but honestly., after a while, but seeing what mine was like will probably!! Been diluted over time less cold process liquid soap 20 minutes to get it into cleansing balm i whipped up by much. But apparently it takes a while it will make for a few days on your.... My family of five, and it took to read through making, but that seems mold... 80 drops of essential oil is recommended or not stir part of your additives to the sink for most the. Going to take all of your lovely recipes over 98 % organic working... Later it looked pretty fine ( what do i know this is an old post but i don ’ tried!